About the artist

Irinas Photo

Irina Stetsenko is a British artist living and working in Surrey.

She is a qualified, experienced artist specialising in ceramics, having previously worked for several companies creating unique faience and porcelain items. It was at this time that Irina fell in love with Chinese watercolour painting and incorporated this style into decorative ceramics. She decorated vases, dishes and mugs with images of birds and flowers by using under-glazed pigments and coloured glazes. Her unique style is highly sought-after by art collectors.

After taking a break during which she utilised her degree in Industrial Microbiology and Biotechnology to work in the biotechnology field, she resumed her career as an artist. Based on her previous experience in porcelain art she began developing a distinctive style in her floral paintings, using watercolours and acrylics. Since 2012 Irina has been frequently exhibiting with Surrey art societies as well as on her own. She had her own solo show in Leatherhead “A Woman’s View” in September 2012.

Irina’s paintings are all about life and nature. They are composed of colour, texture, fantasy and surprise. Whether using acrylics or watercolours, her thirst for the beauty of the world around us is evident in her harmonious compositions.

Her artistic aim is to show the beauty of the world around us, so that we might begin to relate more sympathetically and carefully to our surroundings and to preserve the beauty of nature.